Bank Room Case Study

Boomerang was asked to turn an older Bank Room with a Vault into a working office area with plenty of storage, while maintaining the overall timeless and classic feel of the space, at the best possible price. Boomerang placed pre-owned cubicles, outfitted with a neutral grey tone to keep the space clean and classic. Overhead storage and pedestals were added to provide extra storage.

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Bucks County Economic Development Corporation Case Study

Bucks County Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit economic development organization that supports economic growth in Bucks County. When moving to their new space in Doylestown PA, BCEDC wanted to find a furniture company that specialized in high quality, pre-owned furniture. Boomerang matched pre-owned furniture and new product to achieve the desired executive look that BCEDC wanted for the space. The cost effective pre-owned product mixed with the new product, provided a cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality or their budget.

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Storage Area Case Study

Boomerang was asked to turn a Storage Area into Office Overflow Space, at the best price possible. Boomerang Designed and Created an Office Space from a previous storage area. This New Office Space allows maximum capacity, creates individual work space, and lowers noise and echo while providing the lowest price point with Pre-Owned Office Cubicles.

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Pharmaceutical Liquidation Client

When this large pharmaceutical company contracted Boomerang to liquidate 3 buildings, they knew that they hired the most reasonable, safe, and reliable liquidator. We were able to approve 20 qualified carpenters to break down and remove a full floor of furniture. We removed over 100 cubicles, 25 private offices, 200 chairs, 200 filing cabinets, wall mounted whiteboards, and many other pieces within a 2 week timeframe.

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Luxury Manhattan Office Liquidation

This client asked us to remove a full floor of office furniture in the Woolworth building in New York City. The liquidation included cleaning out Mr. Woolworth’s original Manhattan office in addition to removing the furniture. The liquidation included 75 workstations, 35 private offices, 3 conference rooms, and 100 files.

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King Of Prussia Liquidation

When a large national company called us to evaluate their floor plan and provide furniture removal, we were excited to take the meeting. Our plan involved a 2 week removal process, which included upcycling, recycling, and minimal trash. With 2 days notice and 5 days to complete a 2 week decommissioning, the Boomerang team worked around the clock to completely vacate the space in a total of 4 days.

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Maryland Fit-Out For Rental

Brick Companies

Located in Rockville, Maryland, Brick Companies develops and manages commercial, residential, and recreational properties. At the time of our working relationship, Brick did not have a tenant within their facility and gave the Boomerang team full creative control in designing a work space suitable for collaboration.

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Delaware Corporate Office Redesign

Taghleef Industries, Inc.

Taghleef Industries, Inc. relocated their Northeast facility in Delaware from Wilmington to Newark. Although the job itself isn’t too far from one another, the biggest obstacle that we at Boomerang had was the strategy behind their global expansion. In the beginning of our relationship, Taghleef Industries had a general space picked out. Our team went out to our client’s location and measured the space. We took detailed notes to further understand the project, allowing us the ability to strategize how we can fulfill our client’s needs.

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Contemporary Staffing Solutions

Clean | Modern | Cost Effective

Contemporary Staffing Solutions has been a long time client of Boomerang, so when they decided to relocate their corporate office, their decision to contract Boomerang was a no brainer. Contemporary Staffing Solutions wanted to work in a functional, clean, and modern space, all while saving money.

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Deca Switchlab

A Boomerang Project

Deca Switchlab is the leading international manufacturer of electric machinery switches and terminal blocks. When opening their first location in the U.S., Deca wanted to find a quality furniture company that could meet their needs as well as their budget.

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